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  • Still Breathing

    Breathe each breath like it is your last
    Not in that panicking huff and puff
    Of resignation, stress or flight.

    Breathe in deeply to your core
    Taking in all that good air
    Breathe out the stale to the last hiss

    Fill your brain anew
    Still your racing thoughts
    To absorb that germ of a new idea

    And grow it
    By your calm creativity
    Into a hope, a plan, a dream.

    #mossmanpoet 2021

  • Choice

    On National Poetry Day 7/10/21. A poem for today called Choice. As we all face the world again.


    After this long period of anguish, hiding with nothing to do.

    A calendar of;

    Crossed out appointments,

    Cancelled activities and

    Cancelled holidays.

    Months of only walking out with your one pal.






    Now as the enclosing jungle of pandemic starts to died back. As these sheltered spaces begin to open up and we see others again out there.

    Choices to be made. Choices to be made.

    Commitments, old pleasures slowly begin again And the diary begins to come alive again. We warily engage once more and try to begin again.

    Only to be faced with choices. That we carefully avoided in these lost years. Offered more than one thing to do in a day.

    Have we lost the skill of deciding, choosing? Of navigating a social life and being out there making choices.

    “Sorry can’t make it this time other things to do. See you next time.”

    #mossmanpoet 2021 7/10 National Poetry Day

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