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  • Poetry Is?

    Poetry was, school and dull and confusing
    Poetry was, POSH, and dead men
    Poetry was, by rote and harder than algebra.

    Poetry becoming, that first glimmer of the
    moderns in my Harrap ‘Ten Twentieth Century Poets’.
    Poetry became, the Beats of the 60’s, tune in, turn on, drop out!
    Young and as dangerous as rock and roll.

    Poetry is, reading the greats and lesser knowns
    Poetry is, that blank page staring back at you
    Saying “go on then, if you dare.”
    Poetry is, read, read, and write and write.
    Poetry is, café sitting, stealing conversations.
    Poetry is, borrowing and making it anew.
    Poetry is, short sharp truths on life, loves and loss.
    Poetry is, edit, erase, edit, erase, edit …
    Poetry is, inking the blank page.

    Others said poetry is;
    “The goal of finding perfect self-forgetfulness” – Seamus Heaney.
    “A little knot of words in want of knockback and proving” – Ruth Fainlight.
    “… the moment of bliss when metaphor’s flame welds two free floating objects” – Adam Zagajewski.
    “Unless a poem seems a moment’s thought,
    our stitching and un-stitching has been nought” – W.B. Yeats.

    I say poetry is, finding two sub-atomic thoughts and smashing them together to create fusion and confusion, giving a new light.

    Whatever you are thinking, write it and be heard.

  • Larkin Revisted

    I am enjoying revisiting Philip Larkin’s poetry on his Hundredth Anniversary. I have always liked his ‘down-to-earthiness” and a somewhat dreary outlook on life and loves. Suppose it appeals to my Northern roots.

    I have been re-reading ‘Somewhere Becoming Rain” collection of critical writing on Larkin by Clive James which is an interesting insight to the poet and the man and the apposing critical views of the rank of his work in Modern English Poetry.

    I would also recommend the BBC radio programme currently being broadcast ‘Larkin Revisited’,

    And on BBC sounds;


    Presented by Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage who is “road testing” Larkin’s work in the light of current norms and mores with other contemporary poets to see if the work still stands the test of time into today’s world.

    If you don’t know Larkin or think him one of those dull old Dead Poets take another listen.

    Try the well know ‘Whitsun Weddings’ or one a the sweary ones he is know for. But also seek out his simple plaintive poems which still resonate with me, Like ‘The Trees’ which I learnt by heart recently or ‘At Grass’. Poems That I think are timeless.

    Happy reading.

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